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Martes, 27 de Abril de 2010 17:58

The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) conducted specific actions to restructure and adapt the historical monument, with the aim of stopping deterioration and recovering space amplitude, scale and proportions. Adaptation of spaces allowed bringing in the optimal conditions for collections’ conservation and exhibition, under strict security standards.

Among actions taken outstand:

  1. Installation of a drain system for residual and pluvial water.

  2. Substitution of potable water pipes, installation of a hydro-pneumatic system to distribute it, and recovery of the roof’s façade.

  3. Adaptation of the second yard sanitary services.

  4. Probing wells’ excavation to find the original floor level, and its recovery.

  5. Quarry floor collocation at the central yard, oriental hallway, backyard and second yard portal.

  6. Restitution of the historic stone floor at the second yard sanitary services’ access.

  7. Restoration of original “sanmiguelita” stone tiles at the ground floor’s northern hallway.

  8. Removal of varnish from the clay floors, application of hardening treatment and wax.

  9. Probing wells excavation on walls to determine presence of original 18th century mural painting, resulting in the location of mid- 19th century vegetal motives paintings under the wood door frames at the first floor, as well as late 19th century borders at the stairway and some rooms. Vestiges were protected and walls were whitewashed.

  10. Electric installation renewal.

  11. Security equipment installation (CCTV, fire and smoke detectors).

  12. Museographic lighting design and installation.

  13. Major maintenance to woodwork and historic wood protection.

  14. Parametrical aero drain installation in ground floor rooms to fight humidity.

  15. Wall flattening restitution.

  16. Whitewashing of all the building walls.

  17. Façade’s original color restitution.

  18. Minor intervention on northern and eastern walls, to clean the quarry and substitute flattening.

  19. Consolidation of quarry elements in the oriental façade.

  20. APP system covers waterproofing.

  21. Restoration of the front door.
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