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Martes, 27 de Abril de 2010 17:53

The visit begins at the ground floor, with the history of the village of San Miguel el Grande, from its foundation in 1542 until 1810. The presence of Ignacio Allende appears progressively in the script until it reaches the conspiracy and beginning of Independence war thematic nucleuses.

Ground Floor

Introduction hall

It is the welcome space. Visitors can watch a 5 minutes long video that offers a general perspective of the museum and its contents.

16th century

Both foundations of San Miguel are explained, first as Indian village and then as Spaniard parish. Characters as fray Juan de San Miguel, Pedro Vizcaino and viceroy Don Luis de Velasco outstand.


17th and 18th centuries

Both centuries conform one thematic unit. The strategic role of San Miguel el Grande in the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro route, its artistic development and industrial peak, its relevance on the Bajio region economy as well as its role as center of the illustrated thinking that would be the ideological fundament of the Independence movement, are the themes of this hall.


Bourbonic Reforms

The theme of this hall is the second half of 18th century and the effects of the reforms promoted by the Spain ruling dynasty, the Bourbons, and their influence in the Bajio region and San Miguel village. A video that provides more historical context can be watched here.



This hall has 2 functions: to exhibit the first Insurgent Army flags replicas, linked to the Queen of San Miguel el Grande Dragons Regiment, and to dignify the precinct where, every year, local authorities and students pay homage in the beginning of the Independence war and Allende birth date commemorations.


Local Store

A historical set can be visited.



A historical set can be visited as well.


First Floor

Historical Sets

They represent the way the house must have looked, where family life took place: Oratory, Assistance Hall, Stand Hall, Anteroom, bedrooms and kitchen, with Colonial furniture. Art and decoration objects from the INAH collections are also exhibited.


Beginning of the Independence war

The synthesis of historical events from September 15th 1810 to March 21st 1811, when the main leaders were apprehended, is recalled here, as well as a brief view of the complex relation between Allende and Hidalgo and the presence of Ignacio Allende as a symbolic figure of liberty for New Spain people. Battles that Allende and the Insurgent army fought are also described here.


Process, Prison and Death of Ignacio Allende

An audible reconstruction of the sentence dictated against the Insurgent general, where Allende explains the reasons and facts of the insurrection, when answering an interrogatory between May and June 1811.


Profile of a Hero

Although there is little information about Allende’s childhood and youth, this hall relates to intimate aspects of his life: birth, marriage and parenthood, as well as a biography of the general.

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